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Here, Kitty, Kitty . . .

Everyone knows Wilde Meyer loves animals. Many of the artists here paint creatures, from birds, to dogs and cats and even chimpanzees (for example, see my blog on Jeff Cochran). But a few weeks ago, the gallery on Marshall Way was actually “home” to a litter of kittens and their mom, in a very strange way.

Laura heard some footstep sounds from above the ceiling, and thought it was bugs or rodents. But when Jonathan opened one of the ceiling panels, he discovered five kittens! Apparently, they fell through a vent pipe on the roof.

It took five days to rescue them – one actually fell down from the ceiling through the wall, which had to be cut open. The day of the rescue, Lisa Gordon, a gallery artist, was visiting and offered to take the kittens with her to Santa Fe. She’s found homes for all of the kittens.

Laura and the staff have been feeding the mother, who, apparently, has also been fed by the Stephen Paul Hair Salon staff next door. Laura took her to her vet and had her spayed, then brought her back to the gallery to recuperate. She kept her enclosed in the back room during the weekend, but when Laura returned on Monday, she heard sounds coming from the gallery. Somehow, the cat had escaped and decided to look at the art!

Since she’s a feral cat, everyone decided to let her back out again, but still leave food for her to eat. So, if you happen to visit Wilde Meyer, keep your eye out for our adventurous kitty.

Good deeds get rewarded. Since her offer to take the kittens, Wilde Meyer has sold four of Lisa’s sculptures!
Hula Hoop 3.5" x 4" x 2.5"
by Lisa Gordon
You can see more art by Lisa Gordon at Wilde Meyer Gallery.